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Is there is any fees to join ?
        No..Its 100% free to join. No startup fees or registration fees.

Is This an Offer Of any kind of Fixed JOB Or Employment ?
     No, This is NOT an offer for employment or Job offering with any sort of minimum wage. There is no fixed pay / stipend / salary is paid by us. The payments are based on work done successfully.

What is the exact job ?
     There are different types of jobs available like online survey jobs, online reading jobs, paid to click jobs & pay per referral jobs.

How much I can earn ?
        Sky is the limit.This job gives you the freedom of earning as much as possible if you work as directed by us.

How I will receive the payment ?
    Payment will be done through Cheque, Electronic Banking (Direct Fund Transfer), Paypal, Sodexo.

What is the minimum qualification requires ?
        Just internet browsing and typing knowledge is enough.

Who can do this ?
        House Wives, Students and people who are looking for online jobs can do this.

Is there is any time limit or target ?
        There is no such target or time limit. You can do it all from home, in your spare time, at your own pace!

Will I handle products,make phone calls,do Customer Support etc. ?
       Absolutely Not. You will not need to handle any physical products, make calls, or do any customer support. The companies that you'll be joining for will do all the customer support. you don't have to do any of that. You will just get checks in your mailbox. Everything you'll be doing is online and pretty much works on autopilot once you get it going.

In Which Case My Membership Will be Terminated ?
       Your Membership will be terminated if you are not actively working for more than six consecutive months.

Be Your Own Boss. Work Directly From Home.
Thursday, 2019-07-18, 3:55 PM
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